Preliminary results have been obtained on the second phase of the clinical trials for the Normogen preparation. Stabilization of the tumor process with positive dynamics was observed for 80% of the patients who have various types of cancerous diseases.
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At present clinical trials of the Normogen drug are carried out by the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology.

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Report of Kazakhstan Scientific and Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology of the 1st phase of clinical trial of immunobiological, antitumoral drug Normogen
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«Normogen» - a brand new method of treatment
of oncologic diseases

Kazakhstan biologists and immunologists have been studying the causes of malignant cells nascency during 25 years. The result of their study is a brand new method of treatment of oncologic diseases.

The method is based on the natural mechanism of control over cells division and differentiation by means of special protein compounds, immunoglobulins. We have succeeded in defining these compounds, which turned out to be anti-idiotypic antibodies to alfa-fetorpotein.

We have determined by experiment that these antibodies as well as alfa-fetorpotein itself can bind selectively with changed cells.

Complement protein, which is present in the body, causes destruction of the changed cells, "labeled" with these antibodies. At that no damage is caused to normal cells of the body.

With the use of the combination of these defined protein components we have managed to create the drug, which can destruct malignant cells of the body selectively.

The results of experiments prove the
possibility of full recovery of patients
with cancer diseases, as well as the high
efficiency and absolute safety of the drug.

In the course of the experiments carried out in many Scientific and Research Institutes we have determined that the administration of this medicinal drug results in 100% destruction of all tried 14 types of malignant cells, found both in human and in animals, without any evidence of species or individual specificity. The total destruction of malignant cells took 1,5- 6 hours, at that no damage was caused to normal (unchanged cells of the body).

The drug proved to be nontoxic, no adverse effects developed in the course of the experiments carried out. The antitumoral potency of the drug increased in proportion to the volume and frequency of its administration. The destruction of malignant cells in animals increased in proportion to the dose of the drug administered and was registered in the range of 60% - 98%.

"Normogen" is the best of all antitumoral drugs available in the market and has no analogues in the world, because the drug causes no general or chronic toxicity, no adverse effects in relation of some organs and the body taken in the whole. The therapeutic efficiency of the drug makes 90-98%.

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